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Use Amazon Smile when shopping on Amazon. 
Designate Forgotten Felines and Fidos as your charity. 

Amazon will donate a percentage of your sale to the shelter.It does not cost you anything extra.

      • Paper towels 
      • Liquid laundry detergent
      • Bleach 
      • Floor cleaner
      • Trash bags (tall kitchen & larger)
      • Glass cleaner 
      • Old towels
      • "C" size vacuum cleaner bags
      • Litter
      • Purina Dry Cat Food   
      • Canned Food( no seafood varieties please)
      • Friskies Kitten Canned Food 
      • Cat Beds
      • Cat Trees
      • Toys
      • Blankets

        Create a permanent legacy in honor of loved ones through memorial gifts or special tribute gifts 
        that commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations.

        mail donations to:

        Forgotten Felines and Fidos 
        PO Box 62
        Germansville, Pa 18053

      • Towels
      • Gift cards for Staples
      • Reams of copier/printer paper: 
      •     *White
      •     *Light Blue
      •     *Pink
      •     *Yellow
      •     *Light Green
      • Have-a-Hart traps

Supply Donations to the shelter are always appreciated. 
Please drop off any donations at our Germansville Shelter

Our shelter is located at : 
6022 Mountain Rd,
Germansville, PA 18053


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Germansville, PA 18053
Shelter Phone: (610) 760-9009
 Fax: (610) 760-7968
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