Reviews, notes and comments received from adoptive families, supporters, visitors and friends of Forgotten Felines and Fidos, Inc.

This is a great place. Their first and only priority is the animals. If your looking to adopt look no further.(Jason-Google Business)

Great place. Very clean and friendly(Chuck-Google Business)

I took three feral cats to be spayed. Forgotten Felines and Fidos is immaculate and the feral cats were so well cared for. I am going to share with other folks who are trying to trap ferals because they are excellent and the price cannot be beat when trying to make sure ferals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated as well as treated for ear mites and fleas! Thank you!I took three feral cats to be spayed. Forgotten Felines and Fidos is immaculate and the feral cats were so well cared for. I am going to share with other folks who are trying to trap ferals because they are excellent and the price cannot be beat when trying to make sure ferals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated as well as treated for ear mites and fleas! Thank you!(Dana-Google Business)

They are so nice & great prices (Jamie-Google Business)

Felines and Fidos are GREAT! They took good care of Chief for us! Huge shot out to all the volunteers! Everyone we came in to contact with, was so nice from Dick, to the check in ladies, to Christy and the gentleman there cleaning. It’s very clean and we have been telling everyone about all the beautiful cats there. My daughter can’t wait to go back and we are even considering trying to raise funds or material items for the shelter. Thank You Felines and Fidos! (Nicky-Google Business)

They did an amazing job on my cat (Heather-Google Business)

Look no further in your search for a feline furrriend! This shelter is well kept, has friendly, knowledgeable volunteers, and has a huge selection of loveable cats! (Jacki-Google Business)

Great experience. Awesome thing that they do, take care of the cats!(Julie-Google Business)

Love this place. Hands down the best animal shelter.(Sara-Google Business)

People who care about abandoned cats.  (Zach-Google Business)

Wonderful group of people!! The cats are well cared for and loved by the volunteers. The rescue tries to learn everything they can about each individual cat that comes into their care and to place them in a home that will be forever home. The staff really tries to do what is best for each individual cat. (Rebecca-Google Business)

My experience was awesome. My male tabby Peanut came home very cuddly and happy after getting fixed. The Staff here was amazing, they were very kind and treated the other animals as if they belonged to them. (Bree-Google Business)

“The very best shelter in the area. Run totally by volunteers, they are the most compassionate, dedicated people who only want the best for the kittens and cats and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.” (Sharon-Facebook)

“The people here are very friendly and will go out of their way to help you find your new family member. We adopted my cat from here about 4 months ago, and Theresa worked with my schedule to find a time where I could meet the cats on a less chaotic day than Saturday adoptions. They give you a little gift bag of food, toys, and treats when you adopt someone, and the staff also checked in with us via email a few days later to see how things were going. All they want is for these animals to find a safe, loving home.”  (Kim-Google +)

“What a great place! You can feel the love as soon as you walk in the door. The volunteers are extremely caring and want to help find the right fit for you. The facility is extremely clean and the cats are well taken care of. I only wish I discovered it sooner.” (-Facebook)

“Love this place and the staff/volunteers ! They do such a great job taking care of many kitties that are, for the most part, gravely ill when received. They never just give up, they go above and beyond to make sure each and every animal gets a better chance at a happy healthy life !!! Thank You to All, for providing a safe comfortable place for these beauties to rest their heads while they wait for their forever homes !” (Renee-Facebook)

“I love the fact that this is a no kill shelter. I also love that the animals are kept in rooms instead of confined to cages. It makes the animals feel more at home and relaxed. It is a very nice and friendly place. I only wish more animal shelters were like Forgotten Felines and Fidos.”  (Alicia-Google Business)

“Such loving wonderful caretakers for these helpless kittens and cats. They work hard to send you home with just the perfect kitty for your household.” (Chris-Facebook)

“A wonderful place to adopt your next cat, run by a loving and knowledgeable staff. Even if you’re not in the market for a new furry friend, please consider donating some time, money, or supplies to them.” (Bowman-Facebook)

“This place is truly amazing! The cats are so well cared for and given the best possible life until they each find their forever homes. Sue, Dick, Therese and ALL the volunteers are so welcoming and passionate about what they do and about the animals. We adopted Logan Friday and he’s home and doing AMAZING. I can’t thank the staff enough for caring for him until he found us and picked us to be his parents. Our hearts are full of love adding Logan to our family. Thank you Forgotten Felines and Fidos for everything you do and continue to do for these babies and for saving Logan.” (Jennifer-Facebook)

“Very helpful and kind staff”– (ArchangelAriel-Google Business)

“Wonderful organization to adopt from! If I could give 6 stars I would! I’ve adopted 3 cats from here, and each time the adoption experience was personable and they really do try to match the right cat to the right home. The volunteers here are AMAZING, and these people truly care about the cats they adopt out. They are in the best interest of not only the cats, but the families that adopt from them. I could not be more thankful for this shelter and the people that run it!” (Katie-Google Business )

“Great cat shelter. The cats are in groups in different rooms that make it easy to interact with them. The staff is very friendly and helpful and offer wonderful services. We have been adopting all of our kitties from here over the past 8+ years.” (Mike-Google Business)

“Really friendly people and they make sure that the cats/kittens for adoptions are healthy and are a good match.”(Lew-Facebook)

“Great place for excellent low-cost neutering and spaying………………”(Mark-Facebook)

“I have a background working with animal rescues and I have to share just how impressed I am with FFF. From the cleanliness of the facility, the records and information they have on each animal, the friendliness of the staff and volunteers, to how the non-profit is organized and the pre-match and follow-up inquiries they make to ensure that each animal is placed into a safe, loving home and is acclimating well. So well organized. I went there with the goal of finding a cat with special needs or one who gets overlooked because of a condition. They were able to match me with Nigel, a big black cat with a history of crystals requiring special food. The info they had on this little (okay big) guy was amazing and it’s been a perfect match. FFF truly cares about making meaningful, successful matches and about the care it gives each animal. I highly recommend FFF. I will be referring friends and family there and will be supporting their fundraisers to help FFF in their mission.” (Jessica-Facebook)

“Thank you for your help with the whole process. All of the folks that were at the facility on Saturday were so friendly and committed to helping us find the right cat for our home. They were patient with my 7 and 8 year old children that really were hoping to find a cat that let them pet him and pick him up.” (Andrea-Facebook)

“What a wonderful shelter with wonderful people. I love that the cats are in common rooms with each other and allowed to play and interact with visitors. ”  (Melissa-Facebook

“My brownie troop had an awesome time at the shelter. We learned really good information about cats. Definitely would recommend this shelter for tours or to even volunteer at!”   (Kristen-Facebook)

“We couldn’t have asked for a better kitten to become apart of our family from Forgotten Felines! She is perfect and the volunteers we wonderful to work with. I would come here again whenever we need another cat to expand our family.” (Chris-Facebook)

“The workers are very friendly and knowledgeable about the cats.” (Tyler-Google Business)

“We adopted this precious little girl. Her name was Victoria but is now Bella. She is so loved and is loving her new home. I absolutely loved this shelter. The kittens and cats are so well taken care of and loved. They really make sure the kitten/cat is going to the right home. I’m so happy we found it and now have our Bella.” (Steph-Facebook)

“Helpful friendly volunteers.” (Nancy-Google Business)

“Fantastic place..wish more places like this were around.” (Tracy-Google Business)

“Had both of my male cats nurtured here and shots. Very reasonable priced and very caring staff. You can just walk in and see that the cats on site are taken care of. I drove over a hour just in one way and it is well worth it.”-(Amy-facebook)

“They do amazing work helping cats. We visited today and the staff was so friendly, letting my sons and I pet the cats and the kittens. The cat rooms are set up in a great way with comfy sofas, cat beds, and many toys. All the cats we saw looked healthy and happy. We can’t wait to visit again!”-(Monica-facebook)

“Exceptional staff who truly care about the pets that they take care of. Everyone is knowledgeable and caring. What a great bunch of people!!!! Highly recommended” –(Olivia-facebook)

“Awesome care!!!” (Rachel-Google Business)

“I had my two male dogs neutered and micro-chipped there today and it was a very pleasant experience. Everyone there was very nice and very caring and my pets were treated like “Gold”. I can highly recommend this place for getting your pet fixed and chipped at very compassionate prices.”(customprc-Google Business)

“Everyone at the shelter is so helpful and friendly. They make sure to help you choose a cat that fits your personality. I always recommend them when someone is looking for a new companion.”  (Connie-facebook)


“We adopted 2 year old Shadow Jan.9th and he is doing Great! Thanks to Therese and Everyone at Forgotten Felines for being So Kind and taking the time to spend with us to find a cat that we could adopt! I would definatley recommend Forgotten Felines to anyone that is interested in adopting” (Nancy-facebook)


“Wonderful volunteers! A great organization. I’ve come to meet them when I had my 2 kittens neutered there. When one fell ill a short time after and passed their support was wonderful. When my family and I were ready to replace our kitten we of course adopted from FFF. Their compassion makes my heart swell.” (Jacqueline Ann-facebook)


“Best place around to look for a great pet that’s been well cared for! Been dealing with them approximately 8 years now.” (Steven-facebook)


“Very professional and caring group of people! The kitty’s are lucky to have them!”(Laura-facebook)


“Great cause…they help cats that others would not…I adopted a 5 yr. old Coon named Derek Jeter a little over a year ago…He has bonded as close as if I had him from a kitten..They have been helpful when I had health questions, etc. Please consider a rescue cat before buying a cat….” (Linda-Facebook)


“I have taken all 3 of my male cats there to be fixed. I have 4 and took my female, who was the first cat I owned, to another clinic who released her the same day she was fixed. I was not happy with the fact that she was still drugged when I brought her home. That was not fun for me or her. I was very impressed with Forgotten Felines and Fidos with the care that was taken during the process of getting my male cats fixed. Asking to drop them off the evening before surgery and tending to them after was outstanding. FFF does deserve an award/recognition for an upstanding reputation of being a genuine no kill shelter. They understand the meaning of integrity not just for the business end but for the precious creatures that can not speak. Wish other shelters could get on board with the culture this establishment displays.” (Vicki-Facebook)


“We got two little kittens from here about 2 years ago each are missing an eye. They are the most loving playful kittens ever. I would definitely come here again. One thing I want people to know is even though they only have one good eye doesn’t make them any less loves able. They are like any other cat and learn to cope with it!”(Samantha -Facebook)

” I want to thank Forgotten Felines, they really helped me out with all my felines .” (Eileen -Facebook message)

“Fantastic organization with wonderful caring people. I have had such a wonderful experience here. I highly recommend Forgotten Felines and Fidos.” (Jill-Facebook)

“Very caring group of people. Clean place and you can see cat are taken care of.” (Tara-Facebook)

“Had two cats fixed here and got shots one cat declawed and another about to get declawed. This place is amazing I would recommend to anyone! (Brittany-Facebook)

“My beautiful Ana just got spayed here this week. They did a great job! She had an umbilical hernia that they called me about to make sure it was ok with me to operate on it they also gave me worm medication for free just in case. I very much respect what they do at this organization…please visit their cat rooms if you are thinking of adopting, they have many gorgeous and well taken care for babies that are I need and want of a furever home!” (Brianna -Facebook)

“Forgotten Felines is a tremendous organizations of volunteers that provides a no-kill environment to dozens of cats left homeless. Their facilities are simply amazing, serving as a cat condominium like none many have seen. Two huge warehouse buildings divided into separate rooms give shelter to some of the most loving animals you could ever meet. Pictures and names posted on the doors to each room invite you in to ‘hang’ with the kids. One of the most sanitary environments I have ever seen, litters are cleaned and fully disinfected daily. And don’t forget Fidos. FF&F is home to a few wonderful dogs who have been left homeless by the passing of their caretakers. These great pets are now cared for in a way their owners could only have hoped for. If you’re in the area, stop by and visit; donate some time, some food, some supplies or just a little bit of your own time to this great organization and a ton of terrific animals.”- (judy’s book.com)

“Terrific non-profit no kill shelter. If you’re looking for an addition to your family take the time to check these folks out. They do great good.”- Mark (Google )

“My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten from here. We love her so much! Everyone is always so nice and helpful. I had taken a former cat there for shots/declaw. I would definitely recommend adopting from here and using their services.” (Kelly-Facebook)

 “Great place our cat was in great hands…” – (Google+)

“Had my male cat neutered here and they did an excellent job. He was well taken care of and they even called me after the procedure was done for an update.” (Nina-Facebook)

 “Great places, amazing people….great top care taken of your animals!”- (Google Business)

“I have adopted 4 cats from here. They take very good care of the cats. Even the cats that are not in foster care have nice large condos where they can move around and socialize with other cats. I highly recommend Forgotten Felines and Fidos.”  (Dale -Facebook)

 “Five stars great organization!!! Great price for low cost neuter/spay.” – (Super Pages)

“Great experience my pup is spay n not missing a step! Thank you so much!!!!! (Bridget-Facebook)

“OMG THESE PEOPLE ARE SO DEVOTED TO ANIMALS, THEY ARE ANGELS. Kind souls with their hearts in the right place! Thank God for this adoption organization. A rescued cat is a grateful cat. Thank You Friends of Felines.” – (Mary from Insider Pages)

“I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to love and be loved by the best little girl ever. I adopted Gretchen from you in 2003, and unfortunately I had to lay her to rest on 6/18/2014 due to a sudden case of Saddle Thrombus. She’s at peace now, although I’m not sure how to live life without her. She will always live in my heart. Forever…that’s her and I. ♥” (Jamie-Facebook)


“We just adopted a kitten today from this awesome group! They were wonderful throughout the whole adoption process & we couldn’t be happier with our new little girl! My son chose Amelia for her name (she was known as Sasha). Thanks so much for everything! :)” (Jennifer-Facebook)

 “Adopting a cat from this group was a wonderful experience. God bless them and the good work they are doing.”(Jessica-Facebook)

” just had my two male kittens (Capone and Mumford) neutered here, and not only did they do an excellent job, but the care they showed not just my babies, but me as an owner was incredible. It warms my heart that people care this much about animals, and i would highly recommend this facility to anyone else.” (Jamie-Facebook)

“FF&F were a tremendous help to me both financially & personally when it was time to have my Nikky neutered. Everyone there was just sooo friendly & courteous to me & they really took good care of my Nikky. Thank you so much FF&F! I do spread the word about you. Keep up the good work!” (Dawn-Facebook)

“The organization does an excellent job taking care of its animals and in helping control the overflow of the animal population.” (Thomas-Facebook)