Forgotten Felines and Fidos is a Non – Profit Organization.

We rely on donations and fundraisers to provide for our animals.

If you are interested in helping with FF&F fundraisers or have an idea to share Please contact the Fundraiser Committee Chair: or 610-554-2324

 Information on all of our fundraising events is available on our Calendar of Events

Throughout the year there are several On-going fundraisers 

Fundraiser Volunteers Needed!

We often can use extra volunteers for our various fundraising events. In the past these have included such things as:gift wrapping, yard sale, working amusement rides, baking…etc.
  • Fundraising Sales
    • Help with fundraisers is to help sell candy, pies, pirogies or pizza kits to your neighbors, coworkers, &/or family
  • Distributing Fundraising Flyers
    • FFF frequently has fundraising events that can be enjoyed by anyone. The hardest part is spreading the word. The flyers are print-friendly, and can be done in color or black and white, then hung in pet & grocery stores, at work etc.