In the Community

Want to get involved with Forgotten Felines & Fidos,Inc.?
Please contact us: or 610-737-6851

Volunteer Application

  • Photography-take photos to be used for promotion-cats, volunteers in action, event photos
  • email volunteers, etc concerning event success and results ( fundraiser, adoption days, etc)
  • Keep supporters up to date on events, etc. through newsletters, blog posts

Financial Services
  • Grant writing abilities

Foster Care Provider
  • foster homes
  • bottlefeeding kittens
  • attending adoption events with kittens

Fundraising Team
  • organize events
  • assist at events
  • explore new ideas for new fundraisers

Publicity Committee
  • generating press releases and flyers for distribution
  • distributing newsletters and flyers
  • finding new outlets for flyers and newsletters
  • connect  to new media outlets for shelter events
  • Maintain online presence (website, Facebook, twitter, Google +, etc.)


 Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated!