Girl Scout Troop # 6131 Visits the shelter

New Tripoli Troop # 6131 visited the shelter May 15. It was another action packed evening with surgery check-in and the girl scout visit following. We even had a sister, brother and some parents that came, too.

This is a local group and it is always nice to teach young people about animals. For example; responsible pet ownership, how animals can get many of the same illnesses as people and about all the great services offered at Forgotten Felines and Fidos,Inc.  As usual, I like to “tempt” everyone with snacks. They can look, but cannot touch until the tour is completed.

As we went from room to room everyone was anxious to see what cats were in the next room.

Then it was time to attack the snacks! Since it was a pleasant evening, there was time to run around outside and check out the goats. But wait, we hadn’t taken a group photo yet!! Trying to get these youngsters to stand still long enough for a group photo was a bit like herding cats, but we did it.


One of the young ladies whispered to me—“thank you so much. I had a great time” One of the moms sent a note, “Thank you for an informative and entertaining evening! And for providing lovely snacks!!”

 We love to share our knowledge and experience and the cats love the visitors!

Pictured–Justine,Cara, Jordan, Tessa, Carolyn, Paige, Carmalina (sister) and Alex (brother, not pictured)

If your group is interested in visiting the shelter please contact our Volunteer Coordinator: 610-248-4592OR 


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