T-N-R Clinic

For more information about our T-N-R Clinic, traps or trapping assistance,

Please call 610-760-9009

See Veterinary Services (right side of page)for specific dates and times. 

All TNR cats must come in traps to be charged the lower TNR price, if a cat comes in a carrier then the house pet price for a cat will be charged, no exceptions.  A cat can be put in a carrier to go home, if the cat is able to be handled and the client prefers.
 *Must schedule trap appointments; limited to not more than 3 traps per one individual per week

T-N-R Clinic Fees –  This is due to medical improvements made to the surgery process like providing fluids to cats after surgery and increased costs of drugs/supplies

  • Spays – $30; rabies & distemper vaccines included; no extra charge for pregnancies.
  • Neuters – $30; rabies & distemper vaccines included; no extra charge for retained testicles.
  • Ear mite, flea treatment and deworming will be extra. “Milbemite” for earmites: $15;
  • Alternative earmite treatment: “Ivermectin” off label for $5.00 per cat.
  • Flea treatment is Advantage Multi, which also treats roundworms: $12
  • Profender, a more comprehensive dewormer available: $20 per treatment

We do not take credit cards, cash or check only.

What are feral cats?

You might call her an alley cat, a barn cat or a street cat. No matter how you say it, she is a feral cat, unsocialized and living a valued life outside. Either she was born outside and never lived with a human family, or she is a house cat that has strayed from home, and over time, has reverted to a wild state. These unsterilized cats eventually form colonies, making their home wherever they can find food, avoiding human contact whenever possible. Tomcats prowl for mates, females become pregnant, and the cycle of reproduction continues.

TNR Works

Trap- Neuter- Return works! The breeding stops, populations are gradually reduced. The annoying behaviors of mating cats, such as spraying, yowling or fighting, stop. The cats are vaccinated against disease, ear-tipped for ID purposes, and are returned to their colony caretakers to be fed and cared for.

The Shelter has traps you can borrow .The deposit to borrow a trap is $20.00, refunded once the trap is returned.  If lost or damaged the cost to replace the trap is $50.00. The traps need to be returned in 2 weeks so that other people have opportunity to use them.
If anyone has a trap that was borrowed more than a few weeks ago, we would greatly appreciate if you would return them. Some of those traps belong to volunteers who have generously offered to lend out their traps for no charge.

Trapping Instructions