A Visit from Girl Scout Cadette Troop #6700

Wednesday evening March 29 was a very busy time at the shelter. Check-in for spay/neuter clinic was from 5:00pm-7:00pm.

Then at 7:30pm we had the ladies from Girl Scout Cadette Troop #6700, Allentown come to tour our facilities in lieu of their regular meeting. The ladies really had a 1st hand look at how our shelter operates.  Cat carriers were stacked high while the cats were placed in our surgical area.

We then toured the other areas of the shelter talking about how cats can get some of the same diseases as people and discussed the stories of how some of the cats came to be with us. We also informed them of our process for intakes of new cats.

The ladies came bearing donations chosen from our supply list. There was also plenty of time for petting and playing with the kitties as well as a few refreshments. It is always wonderful to have young people interested to learn more about animals. Thank you for your visit and your donations.

Girl Scout Cadette Troop #6700

Pictured: leaders- Michelle,Stacey,Tammy not pictured Joelle Troop- Brenna, Faith, Gina, Sophie, Jenaye, Erin, Ava, Kaitlyn, Alana, not pictured Jenna

If your group would like to tour, make a donation or volunteer your time at the shelter please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

 fffvolunteer@verizon.net or (610) 248-4592

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