Welcome Girl Scout Troop #634, Slatington

May 22,2017 was another busy surgery check-in night followed by a visit from Girl Scout Troop #634 Slatington.


This group came laden with items they had made for the cats—homemade treats, cat toys, a kitty play house and even a cat scratcher made using recycled boxes from girl scout cookies.

It was a fun evening and this time we did the group photo before any treats were were shared.

With the sweet reward for everyone just minutes away, it was a little easier to round everyone up for the picture. They cats were happy for the attention and were playing and doing their kitty antics with the group.

See Faith enjoying time in the kitty play house.

Thanx to Linda B for helping out!

If your group is interested in visiting the shelter please contact our Volunteer Coordinator: 610-248-4592OR fffvolunteer@verizon.net 


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