The Shelter Main House

The Shelter Main house contains a shelter area that homes cats and kittens awaiting adoption and our shelter offices. There are separate rooms for cats being transitioned from the outside, cats being socialized, and cats receiving special medical attention. 

The Barn which houses cats and our Veterinary Services

The Barn houses the majority of our cats and is home to our low cost spay/neuter clinic. This building is also where we welcome visitors and show cats available for adoption. It is divided into large rooms that serve a number of different needs. It is  large, cheerful and bright room with numerous windows and several cat-friendly constructions where the cats can play, climb,and lounge in safety.  

Our catios

 There are also several “catios” in the barn that allow cats a safe outdoor space to enjoy some fresh air on nice days.


Besides the house and the barn we also have a building for our Leukemia Positive cats. It has four separate areas with all the same feature as the barn, but it is strictly for our Leukemia cats.

The Leukemia Cottage