Forgotten Felines and Fidos,Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization.

We rely on donations and fundraising to provide for our animals. 

If you are interested in helping with Forgotten Felines and Fidos,Inc. fundraising or have an idea to share Please contact the Fundraiser Committee Chair: or 610-737-6851

Information on all of our fundraising events is available on our Calendar of Events

Throughout the year there are several On-going fundraisers 

Fundraiser Volunteers Needed!

We often can use extra volunteers for our various fundraising events. In the past these have included such things as:gift wrapping, yard sale, working amusement rides, baking…etc.

  • Organize fundraising events and man booths
  • Collect donations for fundraisers
  • Bake or create crafts for fundraising
  • Generate new ideas for fundraising
  • Assist in grant writing