Shelter Veterinarian needed (part time)

Shelter Veterinarian Job Description

Forgotten Felines & Fidos, a 25-year-old non-profit animal shelter in Germansville, Pa., is looking for a licensed veterinarian who has an affinity for and caters to the unique needs of our feline companions.  The primary duties of this part-time position include:

  • Run a twice-weekly spay/neuter clinic for cats and small dogs (<35#).
  • Run a twice-yearly vaccination clinic.
  • Manage the healthcare needs of the roughly 135-150 cats at the shelter (plus foster cats). This includes, but is not limited to diagnosing, monitoring, and treating illnesses (we have a cottage specifically for leukemia-positive cats), basic soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to: enucleations, entropion repair, wound treatments and closures, lump removals, rare amputation when necessary. Manage challenging cases including ophthalmic, dermatologic, and endocrine, and monitor the seniors with special attention.
  • Help maintain, enforce, and improve biosecurity protocols.
  • Help us to improve surgical, medical, behavioral protocols as needed.
  • Perform dental prophylaxis and extractions on resident cats as needed.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with local vets and specialists for referrals of issues we can’t handle at the shelter.
  • Oversee part-time and volunteer staff including high-volume spay/neuter technicians and recovery team, medical technician(s), and anyone given permissions with prescriptions, insulin, diagnostic tests, or Rx foods.
  • Occasionally host shadowing students who have interest in the field.

Our facility for veterinary care includes:

  • A surgical suite with cages for the cats arriving for spay/neuter, occasional medical or other surgical issues. Heating pads and warmed fluids are provided to assist thermoregulation.
  • An isolation room for sick / contagious cats.
  • Abaxis lab equipment – HM5 and VS2 (need to double check the latter) for hematology and chemistry panels.  We currently stock prep profiles, renal profiles, comprehensive profiles, and T4 rotors.
  • Dental machine including high-speed drill with various bits, ultrasonic scaling tool, air/water compressor, and low-speed polisher.  Hand tools also provided.
  • IDEXX Snap tests – FeLV and FeLV/FIV combo tests; 4DX tests for vaccine clinics with dogs.
  • Antech for outside lab tests including histopathology.
  • Other lab equipment includes: large centrifuge; microhematocrit / small tube centrifuge; refractometer; microscope; urine test strips; fecal floatation solution; slides and mineral oil; dif quik stains, sedi-stain, and cotton blue for dermatophytosis; split plate dermatophyte test media; fluorescein strips, STT strips, and Wood’s lamp. Ophthalmoscope, otoscope, transilluminator.

Our veterinarian is the organization’s expert on medical and behavioral issues. On surgical days, the environment is moderately fast-paced.

  • Arrive 9 a.m., technician arrives by 8:30 to admit dogs.
  • 1-2 small dogs (under 35#) for spay or neuter.
  • 20-30 cats (including ferals) for spay or neuter, dropped off night before.
  • Occasional medical or surgical issues may arise on these days.
  • 20-40 minutes for lunch, rabies certificate signing, and technician catch-up time.
  • Finish by 4:30-5:30, occasionally later.

We’re looking for that special veterinarian who is interested and committed to serving our feline population in this type of environment.

Required is a DVM, VMD, or other equivalent with license to practice in the state of Pennsylvania and provide a copy of your license.  

You must carry professional liability insurance at the minimum of $100,000 per incident  / $300,000 per year and provide proof of coverage.

You must have (or be able to readily obtain) a DEA license that will be on file for FFF to order controlled substances for surgeries and pain management.

In addition, you should be organized, detail oriented, an exhibit compassionate and patient leadership qualities. You should be able to organize your medical team, and communicate verbally and in writing with volunteers, clients and the FFF board.

Multiple candidates may be considered if the right candidate(s) can only contribute one to two days per week.

We welcome all applications for this paid position. The deadline for application is April 26, 2019.   

Please send your cover letter and resume to:

Forgotten Felines & Fidos, Inc.
Box 62
Germansville, PA 18053

Or email them (PDF please) to forgottenfelinesfidos@gmail.com

About Forgotten Felines & Fidos, Inc.

FFF is a volunteer-run, no-kill animal shelter. Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless, unwanted cats by offering a low-cost spay/neuter program and by working with various communities and individual on trap-neuter-release program. We provide a clean, supportive and nurturing environment until our feline friends find their forever homes, or if FFF is their long-term residence.