Shelter Coordinator needed

FFF Volunteer Shelter Coordinator job description

Are you in individual who enjoys volunteering or perhaps retired and looking for a new challenge to sink your teeth into? Want to enjoy unconditional love every day from the cutest, furry friends ever? Are you warm and friendly, but know how to organize and manage a diverse group of people (herding cats??) Take a look at this purrrrfect opportunity below!

Job title:    Volunteer Shelter Coordinator

For whom:    Forgotten Felines & Fidos, Inc., a non-profit cat shelter in northeastern Lehigh County, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019

When:        As soon as possible

Hours:        Flexible but we anticipate about 25-30 hours/week, primarily on site

Job purpose:    We’re looking for an experienced administrative manager who can help us become more efficient and effective at executing our mission. Below is a fairly comprehensive scope of the job responsibilities.

FFF mission:    The mission of Forgotten Felines and Fidos, a nonprofit, all-volunteer, no-kill animal organization in Germansville, Pa., is to reduce the number of homeless, unwanted cats by offering a low-cost spay/neuter program and by working together with the community to help control the feline population.

We provide a supportive environment for all of the cats at our shelter until they can be matched with their forever homes, or shelter them for the rest of their lives, if necessary.  In addition, we provide medical care for our sick and injured felines in a nurturing environment.

We are committed to educating feral colony caretakers and the general public on the humane treatment of feral cats. We offer a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program to encourage spaying/neutering of feral cats, followed by returning them to their natural habitats

Job responsibilities

Expected outcomes

Manage the day-to-day administrative activity of the shelter


Oversee and coordinate the physical plant/facility including identifying maintenance, setting up preventive maintenance, scheduling vendors and contractors for repairs, improvements, etc., and overseeing their work

Completes environmental rounds to identify any areas of concern for maintenance or equipment repairs.

Maintains positive relationships with our established vendors and will seek out new vendors to price shop when appropriate.

Updates volunteers and members of the board to any significant project that may cause disruption at the shelter.

Develop relationships with and manage various vendors and suppliers

Develops par levels for the various supplies to make sure that we have appropriate stock on hand.

Organizes supplies and volunteers to keep shelter looking neat and tidy.

Manage all supplies and materials necessary to keep the shelter running smoothly

In conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator, coordinate and help train volunteers, and handle scheduling, keeping updated lists, finding subs if people call out, etc.)

Develops daily and weekly list for the volunteers.

Makes sure that all areas of need at the shelter are covered.

Maintains positive relationship with all volunteers.

Oversee scheduling for twice-weekly spay/neuter clinics

Develops schedule to be shared with shelter vet and staff.


Communicates with individuals about appointment and expectations.

Collaborates with FFF board

Maintains transparent relationship with open communication.

Manages vet and vet staff; oversees and troubleshoots daily volunteer activities

Spay/neuter clinics run smoothly and shelter cats areas are clean and cats are well-cared-for.

Develop annual budget for all administrative functions and supplies

Tracks and trends expenses to be able to offer input for budgeting purposes.

Receives and verifies all invoices for accuracy; works with treasurer on payment

Invoices processed timely.

Prepares monthly reports for board meetings

Identifies opportunities for improvement and brings ideas to board for consideration

Plays with cats and kittens

The best part of your day!

Required skills/competencies:

  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong negotiating skills
  • The ability to manage multiple, sometimes competing priorities and different personalities with decorum
  • Very good and current technological skills
  • Substantial problem-solving skills
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills


Additionally, please do not apply if you are allergic to cats, we have more than 100 at the shelter and there will be cats in your work environment.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter (as PDFs) to:


Thanks so much for your interest.