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Fostering a cat or kitten(s) is a fun and rewarding job that helps to ensure the animal’s adoption. Fostering involves accepting the feline(s) into your home,  and socializing it to “home life”. By providing a secure and loving environment to your foster, you teach it to trust and love human companionship – while preparing it for a wonderful, forever home.

This is one of the most important and gratifying ways to volunteer your time. You will also be provided the option of bringing your foster(s)to our  adoption center held every Saturday, where you can actively participate in finding your feline a wonderful home.

We receive numerous calls everyday from individuals reporting strays, needing homes for cats they are unable to keep…more requests than we can resonably handle!!

Many of the fosters don’t really need socializing – just a place to go.  Food and litter could be provided, but a room separate from their house cats is mandatory.

Would you like to foster cats for Forgotten Felines and Fidos, Inc.?
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Foster Application