Our Leukemia Cottage

We currently have quite a few residents in our Leukemia Cottage waiting for their new homes. For more information contact our Adoption Coordinator:610-760-9009, press 2 OR email to fffadoption@verizon.net.

The Leukemia Cottage

Our belief is that every animal deserves a chance. Each cat entering our shelter, whether it be long term or to be eventually adopted, is tested for FeLV.  We currently house nearly 20 FeLV positive cats. You should see the beautiful young and older cats running this cottage now!  We have had kittens who were born with it, go on to live for 10 yrs.

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) weakens an animal’s immune system and predisposes cats to a variety of infections and diseases.  However the virus doesn’t always manifest symptoms right away and many cats can live years symptom free. It is spread by transmission of bodily fluids, so cats are infected mostly by fighting or mating. Another good reason to keep your pets spayed/neutered and as indoor pets!

There are no heroics once an animal becomes ill with symptoms from FelV. Surgery or chemotherapy are usually not options. Medically, we maintain their health with use of antibiotics and/or steroids when necessary. They are not constantly on medications and they live like any other cat.

The virus is best maintained by keeping the cat indoors away from other sick animals. We also provide a good diet such as Hills Science Diet, for our FeLV positive cats. A stress free environment is essential.  There is no cure for FeLV, but there is a vaccine for those who test negative, and need the protection from living with a positive cat.

We would like to see them get  homes for the time that  they have. We need to get past the stigma of a virus that is so misunderstood. No one wants to lose a pet, but we do not have a guarantee with any pet we adopt.  We love them for the time we have with them.  We have a couple wonderful families who have taken  a total of four kittens and they are doing fantastic!

For more information or to arrange a shelter visit: 610-760-9009,press 2 OR fffadoption@verizon.net

Our Leukemia Cats and kittens love playing on their Christmas tree.