T-N-R Spay/Neuter Clinic

T-N-R Clinic Fees

  • Spays & Neuters will be $40.00, rabies and distemper vaccines included.
  • Females, no extra charge for pregnancies.
  • Males, no extra charge for retained testicles
  • If the cat needs to be treated for fleas, ear-mites or worms, treatment will be applied at the time of surgery at no extra charge.  This will be determined by FFF staff.
  • Payment is expected at time of surgery check-in.We accept cash or check only(No credit/debit cards4

See our Monthly Calendar for specific dates and times of Spay/Neuter clinics

All TNR cats must come in traps to be charged the lower TNR price, if a cat comes in a carrier then the house pet price for a cat will be charged, no exceptions.  A cat coming in trap can be put in a carrier to go home if client prefers, but carrier must come in with cat in trap on intake night and surgical team will place cat in carrier while still asleep. We will not transfer awake cats from a trap to a carrier.

 *Must schedule trap appointments, limited to not more than 2 cats per person per week.


Please keep your records!