Dog Spay/Neuter Clinic

Please call 610-760-9009 for an appointment


See Veterinary Services on our calendar for specific dates and times. 

*Note: This a low cost Neuter/spay program. 
For a full medical evaluation, please see your veterinarian

Dog Spay/Neuter Clinic Fees
  • Canine Spay less that 15 lbs $100 ($105 as of 8/1/17)
  • Canine Spay 16-25 lbs $120 ($125 as if 8/1/17)
  • Canine Spay 26-35 lbs $150 ($155 as of 8/1/17)


  • Canine Neuter less that 15 lbs $80 ($85 as of 8/1/17)
  • Canine Neuter 16-25 lbs $90 ($95 as of 8/1/17)
  • Canine Neuter 26-35 lbs $100 ($105 as of 8/1/17)

An additional fee of $40-80 will be added to a N/S for any obese dog based on a body condition scoring system calculated by our shelter veterinarian. 

  • Dental prophys start at $150 extractions extra*(Animals 6 years and older will require blood work prior to dental)
  • We offer micro- chipping  at the neuter/spay appt. $30 -includes  vet signature and info for lifetime dog license. -ask us about it when you bring your dog for spay/neuter or call the shelter 610-760-9009.

Payment Information
  • We do not take credit cards, cash or check only.
  • Payment (cash or check only) is expected when pets are checked in.
  • Make checks payable to Forgotten Felines and Fidos.


If you get lost PLEASE call: 610-248-2078
From Allentown:
Take Rt. 78 West
Turn onto Rt. 309 North
Continue on Rt. 309 North, Go 4.4 miles past the junction of Rt. 100 you will pass Northwestern High School, and Two Kings Pizza)
Turn right onto Mountain Rd.
If you pass Bear Rock Junction you have gone too far.
Go 1.9 miles on Mountain Rd. to the shelter you will see a white fence turn at the driveway and continue straight back to the shelter.
From Nazareth:
Take Rt. 248W. to Rt.873 turn left across bridge
Just after the bridge bear right up the hill (Mountain Rd.)
Travel 7.9 miles on Mountain Rd. turn left into the shelter driveway you will see a white fence turn left into the driveway and continue straight back to the shelter.

  • Note: The shelter parking is at the end of the driveway.
    Do not go to the right, follow the driveway straight back.