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We’re proud to celebrate 25 years of Compassion in Action here at Forgotten Felines & Fidos.  Throughout these many years, we’ve rescued thousands of cats and kittens, and found loving forever homes for them. We’ve also spayed and neutered thousands of felines, helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats in the Lehigh Valley, and helped many communities with TNR programs. Our volunteers have helped not only our cats, but you, our wonderful supporters, throughout this quarter of a century. We’ve tried to match you with your perfect furry companions, offered vaccination clinics and low-cost spay/neuter programs and provided advice on many other issues surrounding pets as well as feral cat colonies.

 We’d love for your to share your memories of our organization, our volunteers and most lovingly, cats or kittens whom you’ve adopted from Forgotten Felines. 

Please, in honor of our anniversary, sign our Memory Book and share your stories.

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Thanks so much, and please join us in September for a celebration of our anniversary (check back soon for the date!).
Rebecca E. wrote on 04/06/2019:
Back in 1996, I lost my lilac point Siamese, Blossom. I was only 5 when we got her and 23 when she passed. I was heartbroken. A friend from work who volunteered with FFF brought me someone new to meet. Her name was Jasmine and she was a gorgeous Tokinese/Siamese. I swore I wasn’t ready for another kitty yet, but Jasmine won me over. I adopted her and decided she was more of a Jezebel than Jasmine. Jezebel was, and will always be, my most favorite pet. She passed in 2009. We had been through it all together. She was there for me when some humans were not. She was with me for a few moves, even when I moved in with my now husband. She was with me when I had my baby. My son was not even a year old when she passed, but I remember the day clearly. I wish she could’ve been around longer so my son would’ve had the pleasure of her memories, like I do. I still tear up thinking about her. I think she rescued me more than I rescued her. I will love her forever and I’m so glad I got to spend my life with her.
Admin Reply by: Forgotten Felines and Fidos, Inc.
What a beautiful story! Pets can have such a positive effect on our lives. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much, and please join us in September for a celebration of our anniversary (check back soon for the date!).