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Want to get involved with Forgotten Felines & Fidos,Inc.?
Please contact us: or 610-737-6851 

We welcome your interest in becoming a Committee Chair or joining our Board of Directors

Volunteer Application

Did you know that volunteering is good for you?

  • You can meet new people
  • Elevate your mood
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Gain experience
  • Stay active
  • Try something new
  • But most importantly you will help our cats and kittens.

wanted volunteers

Forgotten Felines & Fidos is completely run by wonderful volunteers who have unselfishly given their time, energy, love, and skill to thousands of animals .

Their reward?  Contributing to placing pets into forever homes where they are kept safe, healthy, and most of all – loved.
Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated – and every little bit does help.

Get involved by joining our team!

Shelter Maintenance Team
  • shelter improvements and repairs
  • maintenance
  • landscaping

Adoption Support

  • assist at adoption days
  • prepare and print adoption flyers
  • taking photos of cats
  • adoption support-checking vet references,contacting families after adoptions

Veterinary Services Assistant

  • assist with check in and check out for Spay/Neuter clinic
  • assist on Spay/Neuter clinic days
  • assist with paperwork at Spay/Neuter clinic
  • assist at Pet Vaccination Clinics with paperwork, etc.

Cat Care Team

  • giving cats love and attention-socialization
  • cleaning crew for cat condos*
  • laundry

Administrative Support

  • assist in organizing and maintaing supplies
  • general administrative tasks-filing, logging phone calls,record keeping tasks, etc.

Foster Care Provider
  • foster homes
  • bottlefeeding kittens
  • attending adoption events with kittens

Fundraising Team

  • organize events
  • assist at events
  • explore new ideas for new fundraisers

Financial Services

  • Grant writing abilities

Publicity Committee

  • generating press releases and flyers for distribution
  • distributing newsletters and flyers
  • finding new outlets for flyers and newsletters
  • connect  to new media outlets for shelter events
  • Maintain online presence (website, Facebook, twitter, Google +, etc.)


  • Photography-take photos to be used for promotion-cats, volunteers in action, event photos
  • email volunteers, etc concerning event success and results ( fundraiser, adoption days, etc)
  • Keep supporters up to date on events, etc. through newsletters, blog posts

*Cleaning Crew for  Cat Condos-The shelter house and barn are home to about 150 felines on any given day, so the need to clean is endless. Any time that you can donate to help clean food bowls, wash linen, clean litter boxes…etc, is VERY appreciated. The bulk of the work is done daily(including weekends and holidays) by just a few volunteers who would always appreciate the help and the break.

 Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated!volunteercomposite